Introducing The Disconnected Customer.

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Customers want personal communication

Customer engagement research commissioned by Thunderhead, shows that service providers including insurance, banking and utilities companies are failing to meet customer demand for personal communication.

The voice of your customers:

I'm an individual. So why are the communications we receive from our service providers - monthly statements and bills, renewal letters and new product offers - so impersonal?

Welcome to the world of the disconnected customer.

Get us on board and keep us happy with highly targeted offers delivered in our preferred format - a smartphone app, a web page, an email, a text message, through the letter box - and see how loyal we can be. It's got to be better for everyone.

Listen and respond.

Insurance, bank and utilities services customers are clearly asking for personal communications as part of the service they receive. Thunderhead's multi-channel communication software can be part of the answer. Download the research and find out how to reconnect with your customers.

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